The Australian Tamaruke

Tamarukes are unique in so many ways. They have never been a “Designer Dog”. We have purpose bred and developed our “Tamaruke” over many generations and they are considered a breed of their own - far removed from the Labrador/Poodle cross. You are welcome to make an appointment to visit our facilities and meet us – we do not house many dogs onsite – our Breeding Dogs live with their forever guardian family from 8 weeks of age – you are however welcome to meet the dogs who live with us by making a booking to come and meet some Tamarukes and view our facilities and/or to attend one of our Romp days which are held regularly. These days are a wonderful opportunity for people to meet with us and other owners, see some of our guardian dogs and have a social day out. The dates and address for the Romps are posted on the website and Facebook – Tamaruke Charlotte McGrath.

The Tamaruke Breeding Program

Our Breeding program is based on careful selection for genetic strength and temperament, guaranteeing you receive a puppy which will be perfect for any family.

Our Standards - We pride ourselves on the standards we have set, our achievements and the respect we have gained from all over the world. We are the only breeding facility in the world to have been licensed by the Veterinary Board to operate a private Veterinary Clinic onsite under the direction of our amazing vet.

Genetic Testing - Our Tamaruke puppies are bred from parents who have undergone the highest standards of Genetic Testing and History possible. We manage an extensive Guardian program where ALL of our breeding dogs are placed with select families and not kept in a kennel environment – Our breeding dogs are desexed after a short breeding term and remain with their Guardian Family for their entire life.

Our Puppies - Our companion/pet puppies are de-sexed (no need to spend $400 later) microchipped, vaccinated (age appropriate) wormed and vet checked. All puppies are socialised and exposed to a variety of sights and sounds prior to them leaving – ensuring they are confident and accepting of changes and new experiences in their daily lives. All of our families receive a comprehensive Feeding, Training and Care guide to ensure you are well prepared and informed prior to your puppy arriving. Our puppies have been accustomed to “toileting” on GRASS to assist in toilet training when her/she arrives home. This has been a very successful undertaking with almost all of our families having no issues with toilet training. The true Tamaruke is a purpose bred dog NOT a Labrador Poodle Cross. Being selectively and purposely, professionally and selectively bred over many generations (Developed), Tamarukes demonstrate a non shedding coat, no ‘doggy’ odour and have been bred from parents who have a long history of genetic strength. They demonstrate true service/companion dog temperaments. Be aware that a Labrador/Poodle cross WILL shed their coat.

Many of our puppies/dogs are currently trained as Therapy dogs and also successfully competing at Obedience and Agility Below is a story about our dogs making a difference – more information can be found on our Therapy Dog Page ABC Pic   Click Below to listen to an interview about Tamaruke Dogs in Classrooms DSC_0494